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Expect the Unexpected at Mimi’s Homemade Ice Cream - 19Nineteen Blog

Expect the Unexpected at Mimi’s Homemade Ice Cream

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The founder of Mimi’s Homemade Ice Cream grew up enthralled by desserts, and it was all thanks to his grandmothers. One from Italy was an expert at crafting artisan gelato; the other with German heritage artfully crafted Bavarian treats, including custards. As an adult, Mimi’s owner traveled across Asia and discovered a whole new array of flavors—ones that he brought back home and, along with daughters Alexandra and Mimi, used as the foundation for his family-owned business.

The sweet shop opened last year with a mix of classic and unconventional ice creams and sorbets. If you’re interested in something more traditional, order a few scoops of the Chocolate Heaven or the So Strawberry ice cream. Feeling a little more adventurous? Taste the mango and sticky rice ice cream, try the Thai iced tea ice cream or savor a few scoops of the pink champagne sorbet. While the sorbets are dairy-free, some of the ice creams are, too. The chocolate and roasted banana both come in vegan versions. You can also take home a few cupcakes or ice cream sandwiches—the flavors change every week.

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