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Modern Pan-Asian Fare Is on the Menu at Chiko - 19Nineteen Blog

Modern Pan-Asian Fare Is on the Menu at Chiko

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If your New Year’s resolution was to be more adventurous, plan a trip to Chiko ASAP. This new eatery specializes in pan-Asian fare with a focus on Chinese and Korean cuisine, but each dish features the chef’s own modern twist. Take, for example, the uber-popular “orange-ish” chicken. The lightly battered bird is tossed with candied peppers and mandarins, crispy garlic, and Chiko-seasoned salt, paired with orange dipping sauce and steamed white rice.

Start by sharing some of the orange-ish chicken and wok-blistered green beans dressed in toasted sesame oil. Then move onto a main dish like the kimchi stew. It combines pork belly and soft tofu with fermented veggies, chewy rice cakes, and steamed rice, all swimming in a tomato-based broth. Craving seafood? The “smashed” salmon showcases chunks of artfully seared fish with black bean-infused butter and wild mushrooms alongside a pillow of white rice. Complement your chosen main with an assortment of snacks such as the Sichuan spicy veggies or the chilled shrimp with apple kimchi salad, and don’t forget about dessert! The sesame custard with kaffir lime and blueberry compote is a popular option, but so are Chiko pops in flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, or coconut.


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