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Don’t Miss the Washington, D.C. Monuments by Night Tour - 19Nineteen Blog

Don’t Miss the Washington, D.C. Monuments by Night Tour

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The nation’s capital is majestic at any time of year or day, but there’s something special about seeing it after dusk on a warm summer’s night. An almost ethereal glow settles across the bustling city, setting all of D.C. alight with magical energy. Experience it firsthand on the Washington, D.C. Monuments by Night Tour this summer.

Every evening, tour buses depart from Northwest Pennsylvania Avenue for a three-hour tour around the city, one that includes multiple pit stops where you can hop off the bus and explore. Sit back as your tour guide tells you anecdotes you may not know about the famous sites and monuments you’re passing by, from the Capitol building and the Washington Monument to the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. You’ll also have a chance to snap photos at the National World War II Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and other sightseeing spots around the city that might not be quite as familiar to you. Tickets are $58 and advance online purchase is required. 

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